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About Us

Weston Farms actually consists of several small farms located in Johnston County and Garner, North Carolina. Operated (in every sense of the word) by Noel and Molly Weston of Apex, NC, Weston Farms includes the well-known Lakeview Daylily Farm. We also have many perennials and a growing tree farm. Noel doesn't have a name for his koi farm, but he offers Karge Kohaku, Showa Sanke, Butterfly, Tashio Sanke, and Mixed koi by appointment only.

Our daughter Erin established Weston Farms two years ago with organic herbs and vegetables. Now, however, she's shared the name with her parents to cover the full family farm business.

The whole Weston clan are North Carolina natives. Indeed, the entire farming operation has been in the Weston family for many years and Erin now lives in her grandparents' home in Garner.

In June and July there's no better place to find daylilies than Lakeview Daylily Farm!

Noel Weston in the field
Lakeview Daylily Farm
is open weekends (Friday - Sunday) in June and July for browsing and purchasing daylilies. When you visit us, expect to spend 30+ minutes walking the grounds selecting your plants. Unlike walk-in nurseries, Lakeview Daylily Farm is a real farm. No plants are dug until they are selected. All orders are dug in the order in which they were received (much like telephone technical support calls!). Sometimes it will be two hours before your order can be delivered to your car. Many customers come and make their selections and then leave to have lunch or do shopping. Others take advantage of our lawn chairs and shady porch.

We suggest early morning as the best time for visits to the farm—it's cooler and the selections are better. Whenever you choose to visit, we will welcome you to our farm. Well-behaved children are welcome; however, you may want to plan an activity for your child while waiting.

Daylilies may also be ordered through the Lakeview Farms web site; however, these orders will be filled with DOUBLE FANS. Unless otherwise requested, orders will be shipped via US mail. Unfortunately, we CANNOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA, HAWAII, OREGON, AND WASHINGTON states.


Lakeview Daylily Farm, 1000 Benson Road, Garner, NC 27529
Phone: 919.362.1436 (office voice/fax) • 919.413.5168 (Noel's cell)
Email: lvdaylily@me.com