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Reblooming Daylilies

At this time there are 372 featured daylilies matching your search.

Name Description Hybridizer
Aaron's Little Whopper Saffron yellow with poppy red eye. ($9)A. Joiner ('99)
Abilene Dr. Teresa Burton Pink with gold edge above green throat ($50)Maddox ('8)
Abilene Lillian White; rose eye & edge ($100)Maddox ('9)
Abilene Tom's Spitfire Orange poly; gold horns on edge ($75)Maddox ('9)
Addiction Orange buff self with green throat. ($10)Joiner ('95)
All American Chief Red self with yellow throat ($15)Sellers ('94)
All American Gold Gold self ($6)Hansen ('95)
Ann Margaret Apricot self with green throat. ($5)Carpenter, J ('93)
Apricot Jade Apricot self with jade green throat. Very fragrant ... ($10)Stamile ('96)
Aragon Nasturtium orange; red eye; green throat ($20)Stamile ('4)
Atlanta Lamplighter Light yellow edged gold with green throat ($5)Petree ('87)
Bali at Dusk Light purple with darker grape purple eye above gr ... ($8)Quinn ('03)
Banana Split Cupcake Pink with lavender blend and darker eye ($20)T. Herrington ('00)
Banned in Boston Rose with pink bitone ($12)D. Simpson ('94)
Barbara Mitchell Pink with lavender cast ($9)Pierce ('87)
Bark at Me Reddish-purple; purple eye ($11)N. Roberts ('99)
Beautiful Edgings Cream with rose edges ($11)Copenhaver ('89)
Beauty of the King Lavender-purple with blue-purple watermark ($22)Carpenter, J ('4)
Big Flirt Yellow ochre self with green throat. ($8)Joiner ('93)
Bill Norris Sunny gold self ($12)Kirchoff, D. ('93)
Black Mingo Pale cream-yellow; bold black-purple eye & edge; g ... ($20)Douglas, C. ('4)
Blueberry Frost Blue-purple blend over green throat ($9)Stamile ('97)
Blueberry Sundae Cream white; blue-purple eye & edge ($13)Stamile ('97)
Bombay Bicycle Pink apricot and cream lined light rose bitone/grn ... ($15)Branch ('95)
Bonbini Rose and red bitone; white edge; slightly darker r ... ($10)Pickles ('96)
Bonnie Robertson Light lilac self; large green throat ($20)Zahler ('95)
Bountiful Candy Cream with raspberry-wine eye ($12)Stamile/Pickles ('98)
Brand New Lover Coral rose bitone with rose halo and melon throat. ($5)Brooks ('88)
Bright Yellow Truffle Bright lemon yellow double ($25)Kirchhoff, D. ('2)
British Morning Coral petals with pink sepals bitone; extended blo ... ($10)Shooter, J ('95)
Bubba Beasley Bright butter-yellow self above green throat ($10)Quinn ('03)
Buenos Aires Rose red with yellow/rose eyezone/green throat. ($7)Munson ('90)
Bugs Hug Hot raspberry pink, lavender midribs, raspberry ey ... ($5)Hansen ('86)
Butterball Baby Double butter yellow self above yellow throat. ($15)Quinn ('04)
Butterflies in Flight Light cream yellow with light rose-pink eye ($8)Shooter ('95)
Cabbage Flower Double pastel lemon yellow self with green throat. ($5)Kirchhoff ('88)
Cajun Gambler Burnt orange polychrome with darker eye/ yellow th ... ($5)Guidry ('86)
California Sunshine Intense yellow self. ($8)Chesnik ('86)
Calistoga Sun Brilliant orange gold self with green throat. ($5)Kirchhoff ('88)
Cameron Quantz Near white with pink tones. ($5)Holman ('79)
Cameroons Claret self with yellow green throat. ($6)Munson ('88)
Camille Louise Purple with rose bitone ($7)Shooter ('93)
Canaan Yellow-peach blend with wire bright yellow edges a ... ($10)Renfrow ('95)
Caribbean Abigail's Apron Pink self with light rose halo over green throat ($8)Talbott ('98)
Carrot Carrot orange self with green yellow throat. ($5)Brown, E ('86)
Casual Pleasure Pink lavender blend with green throat. ($6)Gates, L ('86)
Catalina Light peach with pink blend ($9)Stamile ('96)
Chatham Babe Light apricot with light rose halo and green throa ... ($5)Joiner ('91)
Chesapeake Crablegs Orange spider with orange red chevron eye ($12)Reed ('94)
Chicago Sunrise Orange self ($8)Marsh ('69)
Chili Peppers Yellow with red eye ($6)Joiner ('93)
Chinese Chariot Bright red with green throat ($8)Salter ('88)
Chocolate Splash Blood red with small yellow green throat. ($10)Shooter ('96)
Chorus Line Kid Pink with rose eye. ($6)Stamile, G ('93)
Cobalt Dawn Cream white with black-purple eye and edge above g ... ($13)Stamile ('97)
Connie Can't Have It Gold; large red eye; green throat ($30)Carpenter, J ('4)
Coral Stone Coral pink with green throat ($15)Stamile ('96)
Coral Vision Cream blend with raspberry eye & green throat ($8)Guidry ('90)
Cosmic Kaleidescope Lavender; green throat ($130)Carpenter, J ('6)
Country Pride Tangerine double with green throat; nocturnal; ext ... ($5)Joiner ('89)
Crystal Shadows Ivory-cream, washed lavender-violet-gray eye, gree ... ($25)Salter, E.H. ('6)
Cuban Nancy Pink blend w/salmon pink watermark & gold edge ($15)Carpenter, J ('96)
Curly Pink Ribbons Medium pink ($12)Hansen ('96)
Curvaceous Cutie Near white self shaded pink with green throat. ($6)Gates ('91)
Daggy Yellow ochre with dark red eyezone. ($8)Joiner ('93)
Dash Dash Cream yellow with yellow purple eyezone and grn. t ... ($5)Zahler ('89)
Davidson Update Deep apricot blend with green throat. ($5)Carpenter, K ('81)
Definitely Yes Dark pink self with chartreuse throat. ($6)Gates ('90)
Dempsey Everblooming Gold Gold self, excellent rebloomer. ($7)Dempsey ('92)
Desert Flame Orange red self. ($12)Santa Lucia ('96)
Desert Jewel Peach sand with gold edge ($8)Munson ('90)
Diane Joiner Light aprioct with light lavender eye above green ... ($6)Joiner ('92)
Different Flavor Golden peach washed rose halo with deep green thro ... ($11)Shooter ('94)
Distinctly Debonair Dark pink self ($8)Gates, L. ('95)
Dragon King Mandarin red self with vivid green throat. ($9)Kirchhoff ('94)
Driving Me Wild Lavender with gold edge & deep lavender eye & gree ... ($9)Stamile, P ('93)
Dune Needlepoint Creamy yellow with pink rose halo and yellow throa ... ($5)Pauley ('88)
Dynamic Duo Double buff blend ($15)Kinnebrew ('99)
Eden's Glory Claret-red self with green throat ($10)Joiner ('97)
Eenie Weenie Yellow self with green throat. ($5)Aden ('76)
Egyptian Queen Pale peach with huge royal purple eye & yellow-gre ... ($20)Trimmer ('00)
Elan Near white self with green throat. ($6)Whatley ('92)
Electric Marmalade Magic Orange self above green throat ($20)Kennebrew ('01)
Elegant Candy Pink with red eye ($10)Stamile ('95)
Elizabeth Ferguson Honey cream pink self ($5)Munson ('87)
Ellen Christine Double Pink gold blend with dark green throat ($6)Crochet ('88)
Else Kaiser Ebony purple above chartreuse throat ($20)Morss ('01)
Elusive Happiness Cream pink with pink edge above green throat. ($10)Rice, J ('6)
Elvis's Cape Red self with green throat ($20)Quinn ('04)
Ethereal Beauty Lavender-blue above green throat ($7)J. Carpenter ('96)
Ever So Ruffled Deep yellow self with green throat. ($6)Stamile, P ('85)
Exotic Echo Pink cream blend with double burgundy eye & green ... ($5)Sellers ('87)
Fashion Bug Light rose pink self, double. ($10)Joiner ('94)
Fashion Gossip Apricot wash blend double; nocturnal; extended blo ... ($8)Joiner ('96)
Feisty Double rose orange self with green throat. ($10)Gates ('92)
Fin and Feather Purple double with rose red eye & green throat ($12)Bumgardner ('95)
Flames of Beauty Orange-red self; green throat ($30)Salter, E.H. ('8)
Flashing Jewel Purple with rose blend and green throat ($9)Joiner ('93)
Forever Stella Yellow gold self with green throat. ($5)Jablonski ('83)
Forsyth Catawba Yellow; bright red eye & edge; green throat ($20)Lefever ('1)
Forsyth Cleopatra Orange-yellow polychrome; green throat ($10)Lefever ('5)
Forsyth Fiery Kiss Yellow; red eye & edge; green throat ($15)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Flame Stitch Orange-red; yellow edge; green throat ($15)Lefever ('0)
Forsyth Flaming July Orange self above yellow throat ($20)lef ('9)
Forsyth Green Starlight Green-yellow bend; green throat ($25)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth High Tech Red-apricot; dark red halo; green throat ($30)Lefever ('0)
Forsyth Hold That Tiger Yellow with red-orange eye; green throat ($25)Lefever ('4)
Forsyth Myra Dolores Light pink and near white bit one; red eye & edge; ... ($20)Lefever ('98)
Forsyth Painted Lady Red to pink; red eye & edge; yellow-green throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Patricia Ann Oubjl rise0red etezibel greeb tgriat ($10)Lefever ('95)
Forsyth Pink Flying Dragon Pink blend; large yellow-green throat ($20)Lefever ('1)
Forsyth Pink Serenade Pink self; yellow throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Purple Frills Purple self above yellow throat ($25)Lefever ('4)
Forsyth Red Eyed Delight Beige; red eye & edge; yellow throat ($40)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Ruby Pink self; yellow throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Ruby Circle Pink; ruby eye; yellow throat ($30)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Seminole Purplish red self; yellow-green throat ($30)Lefever ('0)
Forsyth Vivacious Shelby Jones Yellow; red eye; green throat ($100)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Watermelon Patch Light red self; chartreuse-green throat ($15)Lefever ('3)
Forsyth Waving Orange Orange self above green throat ($25)Lefever ('9)
Forsyth Yellow River Yellow-pink polychrome; green throat ($15)Lefever ('95)
Fortune's Dearest Grape purple with white edge and lighter grape-pur ... ($12)Morss ('94)
Forty Carats Orange self ($6)Benz ('88)
Frank Quillian Lemon yellow blend with dark green throat. ($10)Smith, F ('91)
Frankie's Fantasy Purple spider ($10)Mercer ('92)
Free Style Very large yellow double ($10)Joiner ('94)
Freedom's Triumph Lavender-purple; white-lavender-cream watermark ($40)Carpenter, J ('5)
Fun Doll Rose red self with green throat; nocturnal; extend ... ($8)Joiner ('92)
Garden Style Showy orange blend ($7)Joiner ('87)
Gentle Shepherd Near white self with yellow green throat. ($10)Yancey ('82)
George Jets On Rose cream bicolor with yellow eye & cream rose et ... ($15)Yost ('99)
Glowing Bouquet Bright pink self; reblooms well ($11)Dougherty ('89)
Golden Baubles Gold and pink blend with gold edge above green thr ... ($12)Houston ('98)
Grace Pierce Lavender pink over green throat ($10)Trimmer ('00)
Grapes Of Wrath Purple self with green throat. ($5)Kirchhoff ('93)
Green Eyes Wink Red self with green throat; extended bloom ($5)Nolen ('82)
Happy Apache UFO crispate; red; ivory edge; chartreuse throat ($20)Hansen, D ('0)
Harvard Yard Amber crimson with crimson eye ($14)Kaskel ('99)
Heady Wine Cream with wine eyezone and green throat. ($6)Peck ('82)
Heartland Yellow with purple eye; good branching & bud count ($6)Shooter, J ('95)
Heaven All Day Near white-cream self. ($15)Carpenter ('92)
Heavens to Betsy UFO; gold-orange, red eye, green-orange throat, ru ... ($15)Jeffcoat ('4)
Helaman Yellow edged bronze with chartreuse throat. ($7)Robertson ('82)
Helen Shooter Light pink blend with yellow edge ($10)Shooter ('98)
Heron's Cove Lavender cream with pale gray-lavender eye & edge ($12)Stamile ('99)
High Blaze Ketchup red with paprika halo above wide green thr ... ($16)Joiner ('00)
His Highness Lavender self; unusual form ($18)Stamile ('00)
Hit And Run Cherry red and lavender blend with green throat; e ... ($7)Shooter ('92)
Hold Your Horses UFO crispate; straw yellow; dark maroon eye; yello ... ($30)Trimmer ('4)
Honky Tonk Blues Mauve self with violet-lavender blue eye pattern a ... ($25)G. Stamile ('02)
Hoochie Coochie Man Red; faint watermark halo, tiny gold edge ($12)Kirchhoff, D ('2)
Hope Diamond Near white self. ($5)MacMillian ('68)
Hot Wire Orange self. ($5)Stamile ('87)
Humdinger Yellow self. ($10)Joiner ('89)
Hunting Party Blue purple bitone& lavender silver eye ($12)Shooter ('97)
Ice Planet Near white with green shadings and green throat. ($5)Hanson ('89)
In Search of Angels Cerise rose self with green throat ($15)Stamile ('01)
Inca Prince Copper-gold self; gold throat ($10)Munson, RW ('89)
Indian Chase Salmon coral, coral pink veins & deep green throat ... ($10)Shooter ('95)
Inky Fingers Violet purple with green throat; unusual form ($10)Stamile ('00)
Iolite Rose lavender w/lavender purple eye ($8)Sellers ('94)
Jackie's Choice Purple with lavender halo; extended bloom ($6)Morss ('90)
Jamaica Blush Polychrome blend of coral/orange/yellow blushed gr ... ($7)Kirchhoff ('90)
Jamaican Love Pale yellow, wine-purple eye ($18)Trimmer ('4)
Jamaican Midnight Black-purple self with green throat. ($15)Salter, J ('94)
Jambalaya Blend of bronze and tan with brown eyezone w/yel g ... ($5)Soules ('82)
Janet Benz Strawberry roses, gold edge ($14)Benzinger ('0)
Jay Turman Red self; extended bloom ($7)Kirchhoff ('94)
Jean O. Barnes TBA ($10)Shooter ('97)
Jean Wooten Yellow self ($5)Kirchhoff ('76)
Jedi Irish Spring Bronze apricot blend with green throat. ($6)Wedgeworth ('88)
Jedi Tom Wilson Copper and cinnamon pink blend with green throat. ($5)Wedgeworth ('89)
Jen Melon Creamy yellow, light ruffling on edges. ($7)Oakes ('87)
Jewell Hannah Rose with slightly darker eye above green throat. ($25)Quinn ('03)
Jim McKinney Pink with gold blend and a heavy gold edge; extend ... ($10)Crochet ('94)
Joe Marinello Cream with wine purple eye and green throat; exten ... ($7)Stamile, P ('91)
John Allgood Pink-melon-cream blend, bubbly yellow-gold edge ($30)Shooter, J ('3)
Johnny Cash Black-purple, gold edge ($30)Stamile ('4)
Jolyene Nicole Ruffled rose blend with green throat. ($5)Spald/Guill ('84)
Jordan Verhaert Pink with red rose eye & picotee edge ($18)J. Kinnebrew ('01)
Judean Princess Pale peach pink blend with green throat. ($5)Porter ('89)
June Wine Lavender with purple eyezone and edge with green t ... ($5)Peck ('78)
Karate Kid Tomato red w/lighter watermark ($5)Hanson, C. ('92)
Kate Carpenter Pink self ($6)Munson ('80)
Kathleen Salter Yellow self with green throat ($7)Salter, J ('90)
Katie's Kaleidoscope Baby pink with yellow eye ($12)K. Herrington ('98)
Kazuq Near white cream self with greenish yellow throat ($5)Jinkerson ('86)
Kennesaw Mountain Hayride Coral pink-cream polychrome; gold edge; green thro ... ($95)Waldrop ('7)
Kevin Michael Coyne Yellow spider ($10)Dickerson ('88)
King Kahuna Large and showy yellow double; extended bloom ($20)Crochet ('94)
Lady Neva Soft buff yellow with rose eyezone and green throa ... ($6)Moody ('70)
Land of Cotton Cream self; green throat; double ($10)Joiner ('91)
Larry Grace Light yellow with very wide gold edge; ($14)Salter ('94)
Lauren Leah Creamy pink blend with green throat ($5)Pierce ('83)
Lavender Arrowhead Lavender self with chartreuse watermark; unusual f ... ($14)Stamile ('99)
Lavender Fantasia Lavender, lighter lavender-blue watermark ($15)Carpenter, J ('3)
Layers Of Gold Gold double with green throat ($7)Kirchhoff ('91)
Lemon Jade Lemon-chartreuse self with chartreuse throat ($5)Munson ('83)
Leslie Renee Pink, chartreuse-green edge ($20)Stamile ('4)
Let It Rip Presimmon blend spider varient ($18)Joiner, J ('97)
Light of Heaven Pale cream self; green throat ($7)Salter ('88)
Likie Register Icy light lavender orchid with 1"" bright purple h ... ($10)Shooter, E ('96)
Lipstick at Its Best Apricot ice self; peach-pink eye & edge; yellow-gr ... ($11)Joiner ('02)
Little Deeke Orange gold blend with green throat. ($5)Guidry ('80)
Little Eddie Lemon yellow self ($5)Zahler ('89)
Little Fat Cat Near white self with green throat. ($5)Brown, EC ('93)
Liz Gobbel Lemon pink blend with rose edge & green throat; ex ... ($18)D. Kirchhoff ('97)
Lizard's Lair Papaya, peach, coral and rose blend above the yell ... ($50)Kirchhoff ('01)
Long Stocking Red spider with green throat ($12)Stamile ('97)
Lord of Rings Medium purple blend with cream-violet band ($12)Moldovan ('96)
Lyrical Presence Bright rose self ($16)Stamile ('96)
Magic Amethyst Amethyst-lavender blend with green throat ($25)Stamile ('96)
Magical Mystery Burgundy purple; lavender eyezone; white edge; gre ... ($8)Rice, J ('98)
Magnificent Rainbow Lavender bicolor with gray-blue eye & charcoal ban ... ($12)Stamile ('95)
Mama's Cherry Pie Cherry red with yellow edge & deeper red eye ($15)F. Shooter ('98)
Margaret's Pink Med. rose with pink midribs & deep rose halo. ($6)Shooter, E ('94)
Marietta Charmer Rose lavender blend; nocturnal; extended bloom ($25)Shooter ('92)
Marietta Dreamer Light wine purple w/deep purple eye ($25)Shooter ('93)
Marilyn Apps Roe red blend; deeper eye; white edge; yellow-gree ... ($35)Apps ('1)
Mariska Pink blend with orchid undertones and green throat ($5)Moldovan ('84)
Martha Fawcett Beige pink with rose pink eye and yellow green thr ... ($8)Joiner ('94)
Maude's Valentine Cream pink w/ lavender pink midribs/blue lav. halo ... ($12)Shooter ('92)
Mephistopheles Dark violet purple with small yellow-green throat ($12)Moldovan ('90)
Merle Kent Red self with gold throat. ($5)Munson ('80)
Merlot Kisses Dusty wine purple with darker eye above green thro ... ($8)Quinn ('04)
Mingo Magic Cream peach, raspberry red eye; picotee edge ($11)Doublas C ('5)
Mississippi Red Dragon Red; cream-yellow edge; green throat ($30)Carpenter, J ('5)
Missouri Highways Yellow orange with red watermark above green throa ... ($8)Knocke ('93)
Mister Lucky Red with dark red eyezone. ($9)Sellers ('95)
Mojave Sunset Pink and tan blend withamber pink throat ($6)Stamile ('86)
Moonlit Masquerade Cream with purple eye; Blooms until frost. ($10)Salter ('92)
Morning Serenade Gold with mahogany-red eye and green throat. ($9)Carpenter, J ('95)
Moroccan Summer Double intense gold self with green throat. ($5)Kirchhoff ('87)
Mountain Almond Almond peach self with green throat ($6)Billingslea ('93)
Mumbo Jumbo Rose pink bitone with darker rose halo and green t ... ($5)Guidry ('79)
Music of the Master Orchid pink double with light purple eye & green t ... ($16)J. Joiner ('99)
Musical Medley Icy lavender; lavender eye; double edge of gold an ... ($35)Stamile ('1)
My Darling Clementine Yellow self with green throat. ($6)Salter, J ('91)
New Born Babe Light ruffled apricot self with green throat. ($5)Joiner ('90)
New Series Update Rose with green eye and green throat ($18)Carpenter, K ('93)
No Regrets Pale yellow to peach lavender with gold edge and d ... ($7)Morss ('94)
Noel Weston Cream with pink blend ($15)Shooter, J ('95)
Norma Jean Golden yellow self with green throat. ($6)Stamile ('89)
Northern Nocturne Pink, gold edge ($23)Salter, E.H. ('1)
Not Yet Blue Blue purple blend with green throat. ($15)Carpenter, J ('92)
On Line Peach with plum eye & edge ($35)D. Herr ('03)
Opus One Greyed lavender edged cream with yellow watermark. ($6)Morss ('86)
Orange Velvet Orange self ($10)Joiner ('88)
Out of Control Light yellow ochre; extended bloom ($8)Joiner ('94)
Out of the Blue Rose lavender; violet blue-teal eye ($20)Salter, E. ('02)
Passion for Red Scarlet red self; deep green throat ($10)Stamile ('94)
Pearl Jam Light lavender with purple halo, light green throa ... ($8)Shooter, E ('95)
Pearlfisher Pink Clear pink with rose band & carrot red-gold edge; ... ($10)D. Kirchhoff ('95)
Peggy Jeffcoat Double cream white hose in hose with green throat; ... ($13)Joiner ('96)
Permanent Pleats Light flesh pink self with light green throat. ($6)Lambert ('83)
Pick of the Litter Pinkish blend; rose eye & edge ($10)Douglas, C. ('3)
Pink Jubilation Pink blend with gold throat. ($5)Pierce-Wilson ('89)
Pink Super Spider Rose & pink cream blend w/cream green eye ($10)Carpenter, K ('82)
Platinum and Gold Near white with green blush and gold braided edge ($20)Stamile ('96)
Pleasingly Pink Soft pink blend with green throat. ($5)Bomar ('90)
Poetic Voice Clear pink above green throat ($15)Stamile ('93)
Posies in the Park Peach-pink blend ($45)E. H. Salter ('03)
Puccini Cream yellow blend double ($17)Stamile ('99)
Pure Indulgence Deep red with white edge and yellow-green throat ($13)Carr ('00)
Quality Control Melon pink self with green throat. ($5)Sellers ('83)
Queen's Memories Cream white self with green throat. ($6)Brown, E ('90)
Quilt Patch Brown with darker eye zone, gold throat ($8)Maxwell-Westervelt ('64)
Rabbit Ears A very and showy large lavender rose self ($30)Shooter, E ('96)
Raspberry Cupcake Ivory cream double with raspberry eye ($19)T. Herrington ('98)
Rebecca Marie Double Rose with darker edges. ($25)Joiner ('96)
Regal Braid Cream lavender with braided purple edge & purple e ... ($12)Stamile, P ('95)
Rhythm And Blues Lavender self with green throat; extended bloom ($8)Stamile ('94)
Ricky Rose Rose pink with deep raspberry eyezone and pale yel ... ($6)Brooks ('90)
Rings of Desire Flourescent butter yellow; burnt red-orange eye ($25)Shooter E ('4)
Rocket Booster Red self ($12)Santa Lucia ('97)
Rose Fever Hot rose self over grass-green throat ($12)Stamile ('96)
Roses in Snow Red with ivory edge ($10)D. Hansen ('99)
Rosy Posy Rose coral w/yellow eye ($8)Calhoun ('92)
Rosy Sunset Sunset rose with deeper rose eyezone and yellow th ... ($5)Brown, E ('82)
Ruby Sullivan Clear, bright pink with hot pink eyezone above gra ... ($5)Brown, E.C. ('93)
Ruffled Cream Radiance Light cream with tinges of pink blush with green t ... ($15)Carpenter, J ('95)
Ruffled Sunburst Yellow self with green throat. ($5)Brown, E ('83)
Rumble Seat Romance Bright lemon; cranberry eye zone; deep green throa ... ($5)Elliott ('90)
Ruth Whitten A big showy mauve double; excellent! ($999)Joiner ('97)
Sabine Bauer Cream; very large purple eye and edge ($18)Salter ('97)
Sabra Salina Pink with gold halo above green throat; extended b ... ($6)Wilson ('91)
Samurai Warrior Red-burgundy self ($12)Salter ('00)
Sanford Show Girl Pastel mauve with wine red eyezone and gold throat ... ($7)Kirchhoff ('91)
Scarlet Lace Red with white bubbled and braided edge ($15)Stamile ('01)
Scarlet Orbit Red self with chartreuse throat. ($7)Gates ('85)
Sea Urchin Rose mauve edged gold above yellow-green throat ($7)R. W. Munson ('90)
Seal Of Approval Cream-edged lavender with green throat; extended b ... ($10)Santa Lucia ('93)
Sebastian Vivid purple self with lime green throat. ($5)Williams ('79)
Seriously Purple Purple with black watermark and tiny white edge an ... ($60)Murphy, J. P. ('5)
Shaman Canary yellow self with green throat. ($5)Gates ('87)
Shamrock Snow Cream-white self above lime-green throat ($25)Quinn ('04)
Sherry Lane Carr Cream butter yellow with gold edge and green throa ... ($12)Carr ('96)
Siloam Virginia Henson Pink with ruby red eyezone and green throat. ($5)Henry ('80)
Slade Brown Chartreuse self with green throat. ($6)Brown ('81)
Slapstick Spider - Bright yellow self with small green throa ... ($7)Hager ('90)
Smuggler's Gold Golden yellow bronze; extended bloom ($10)Branch ('94)
Smugglers Gold Doubloon Burnished blend of pink and yellow with yellow to ... ($10)Branch ('95)
Soft Summer Night Ribbon pink with rose pink eye zone and deep green ... ($9)Stamile ('95)
Son Thomas Light rose with red eyezone and green throat. ($5)Spalding ('88)
Southern Coral Coral with orange edging blend above green throat ($13)Stamile ('99)
Spacecoast Citrus Kick Orange self above green throat ($20)Kinnebrew-J ('1)
Spacecoast Cranberry Breeze Cranberry self with gold edge above melon throat ($20)Kinnebrew-J ('99)
Spacecoast Dragon Prince Pink, rose eye, gold edge ($15)Kinnebrew-J ('2)
Spacecoast Fancy Dancer Pink blend with gold edge above green throat ($12)Kinnebrew-J ('99)
Spacecoast Gold Bonanza Yellow blend ($25)Kinnebrew-J ('2)
Spacecoast Raspberry Mist Rose red with lighter halo and gold edge above gre ... ($17)Kinnebrew-J ('1)
Spacecoast Rebel Yell Red, gold edge ($8)Kinnebrew-J ('2)
Spacecoast Snow Angel Near white self; green throat ($11)Kinnebrew-J ('96)
Spacecoast Surprise Purple Purple with white edges ($18)Kinnebrew-J ('0)
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection Flesh pink self with gold edge and green throat ($11)Kinnebrew-J ('98)
Spacecoast White Out Near white self ($12)Kinnebrew-J ('0)
Spanish Glow Warm peach self with green throat. ($5)Salter ('88)
Spray Of Pearls Pastel orchid pink edged gold with yellow green th ... ($5)Kirchhoff, D ('87)
Stella De Oro Gold self: excellent rebloomer ($5)Jablonski ('75)
Stenciled Impressions Cream; mauve-rose multi-patterned eye ($10)Stamile ('2)
Steve Trimmer Yellow, plum eye & edge ($13)Trimmer ('99)
Strawberry Candy Pink with red eye ($8)Stamile ('89)
Strawberry Truffle Rose red double; violet suffusion; yellow to green ... ($20)Kirchhoff ('01)
Sun Stitching Cream-yellow-orange polychrome withi soft yellow-g ... ($25)Quinn ('03)
Sunshine Lovely Yellow gold with bold mahogany-black eye. ($10)Carpenter, J ('95)
Sure Show Lemon yellow self & green throat. Blooms till Sept ... ($8)Powell ('96)
Swanking Around Purple with cream lavender eyezone above yellow-gr ... ($10)Weston ('94)
Sweet Summer Breeze Baby ribbon pink with white midrib above green thr ... ($8)Quinn ('04)
Sweet Summer Memories Lavender-pink with darker eye above yellow-green t ... ($15)Quinn ('04)
Tangerine Stitches Light gold with gold edge ($12)Quinn ('04)
Taos pastel cream pink ($16)Stamile ('99)
Thin Man UFO cascade, bright red self ($20)Trimmer ('2)
Tigerling Light orange with bright red eyezone and green thr ... ($10)Stamile ('91)
Tigger Orange with red eye ($8)Stamile ('89)
Tomorrow's Dream Medium lavender with green throat. ($6)Salter ('91)
Tootsie Clear medium pink with deeper band above green thr ... ($5)Kirchhoff ('83)
Tranquil Waters Deep mauve-lavender, gold edges ($23)Stamile ('4)
Tripoli Pink with burgundy eyezone and green throat; exten ... ($5)Talbott ('82)
Trooper Large bright red with lighter red mark above grn. ... ($9)Joiner ('93)
Tropical Experience Peach and pink blend with a rose eyezone and a gre ... ($12)Stamile ('97)
Tropical Tangerine Orange, yellow and salmon blend with orange throat ... ($5)Salter, E ('87)
Valdosta Again Peach-purple blend, purple-violet patterned eye ($80)Bell, T ('9)
Velvet Curtain Bold red with yellow green rectangular eye. ($7)Mercer ('95)
Velvet Eyes Red with black eye above green throat ($20)Stamile ('1)
Victorian Lace Pink with gold edge ($36)Stamile ('99)
Victorious We Stand Cranberry with white edge above green throat ($55)Olson, E. ('01)
Wally Double cerise red with very dark mauve band and pa ... ($12)Howard ('91)
War Dance Blood red self with green throat; extended bloom ($7)Smith, L ('66)
Web of Intrigue Pale orange with etched purple eye & edge ($11)Stamile ('99)
West Coast Blues Lavender purple with blue-violet eye ($7)Salter, E. H. ('98)
West Point Lady Cream pink with rose halo above yellow green throa ... ($5)Weldon ('93)
Wine Star Wine purple self ($125)Kirchhoff, D. ('01)
Winter Frost White with tinge of pink & light lavender-pink mid ... ($11)Shooter ('96)
Winter Skin Cream-white with yellow-gold wire edge above pale ... ($10)Quinn ('04)
Winter Treasure White self above yellow-green throat ($15)Salter, J ('04)
Wisest of Wizards Ivory with gold rose ($18)Salter ('94)
Wish Fulfillment Rose red with white ($23)Stamile ('97)
Wispy Rays Red with ginger watermark ($15)Joiner ('98)
Witch Stitchery Cream with lavendar eyes, purple edged; green thro ... ($10)Morss ('86)
Wolfpack Kid Crimson red self above green throat ($10)Quinn ('04)
Wonder of Wonders Double mauve orchid above light green throat ($27)J. Joiner ('99)
Wren's Song Rose-pink bitone, gold edge, green throat ($14)Stamile ('3)
Yabba Dabba Doo Medium purple spider variant self with large chart ... ($12)Hanson ('93)
Yazoo Cinnamon Stick Cream and cinnamon blend with gold throat. ($9)Smith ('86)
Yazoo Elsie Hintson Butter cream self with pale lime throatl nocturnal ($8)Smith ('86)
Yazoo Mildred Primos Flesh pink self with green throat. ($5)Smith ('84)
Yellow Umbrellas Lemon yellow self over green throat ($15)J. Carpenter ('99)
Yes Indeed Yellow self with yellow-green throat ($10)Mercer, R. ('93)
You Angel You Cream with red eye double ($8)Stamile, G ('93)
Zak Jackson Apricot self ($15)Carpenter, J ('95)
Zee's Little Lisa Peach pink self with green throat. ($5)Zahler ('93)
Zephyr's Song Pink-chartreuse, lettuce-green edge ($27)Stamile ('4)


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