Weston Farms About Us


The history of Weston Farms

Weston Farms was founded in 2002 by Erin Weston to unite the family projects under one umbrella.  Weston Farms is family-owned, operated by Erin Weston, and consists of several small farms in Johnston County and Garner, North Carolina.  Weston Farm products include our notable Magnolia Wreaths, Seasonal Products, and The Living Arts, which focuses on ornamental plants as art.

Weston Farms seeks to enhance life, landscape and earth through
ornamental plants. Erin believes botanical ingredients improves the quality of life — whether in a vintage planter in the living room or in a Japanese maple tree in the front yard.  Weston Farms offers a variety of unique plant life, from living branch sculpture to our signature Magnolia Wreaths.  We invite you to visit our booth at the State Farmer’s Market in Raleigh, NC. The booth is open from the first week in April through the last week of July, and from early September through late December for our holiday offerings.  

We also invite you to schedule a private appointment anytime throughout the year to discuss your plant and landscape needs.

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Garner, North Carolina