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Erin Weston: The New Face of Gardening: This young entrepreneur has high hopes for making gardening "cool."2010 Carolina Gardner magazine, Amber Nimocks.

In 2002, Erin Weston was close to landing her dream job as a television producer for Martha Stewart Living. It was the perfect opportunity to put her media savvy, her art history degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and her inherited green thumb to work all at once.

The interview process was going well, and Weston was feeling confident. Then she heard the news: The company's iconic CEO had been accused of securities fraud. The ensuing media frenzy and legal entanglements led the company to freeze the position Weston had been gunning for. Stuck in a boring job in New York, she decided to come back home to North Carolina for a while and regroup.

Almost eight years later, life is flourishing for Weston in Garner, N.C. A garden of her own design and doing is thriving on the three acres that surround her home, and she is building a seasonal décor and botanical design business by turning clippings from her plants into fabulous arrangements. Read the full article...


New Earth Design & Weston Farms create sustainable landscape for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Drawing from one of the richest horticultural communities in the U.S. Maury Beckmann and Preston Montague, of New Earth Design, led a team of horticultural designers to create and install the exterior master plan and garden for the latest episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Erin Weston, of Weston Farms in Garner, North Carolina, worked with Beckmann for EMHE. Weston creates inspired works of horticultural art using plant material grown on her farm. Her contribution to the project was a beautiful yet functional backyard oasis using seemingly simple materials like flowering branches, seed pods, and magnolia wreaths. What she produced, however, was the farthest thing from simple, unless described as simply breathtaking. Read the press release...  

Erin Weston | Tree-hugger

“Let’s be honest: landscape plants can be B-O-R-I-N-G.”  Erin Weston is trying to add a touch of excitement to landscaping and horticulture.  

Erin’s involvement in Weston Farms, the brand she established in 2002 that includes her father’s Lakeview Daylily Farms and her own horticultural pursuits, began when her uncle left her his house and property off NC 50 in Garner.  She was living in New York City at that time, working in publishing.  “I decided I wanted to grow things for a living.”  Read more on Skirt.com...




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